V'day 2024 with FEMALE

V'day 2024 with FEMALE

We had the opportunity to be featured along with amazing floral brands this year for Valentine's Day! Read our interview below or click the link :) Thank you FEMALE magazine & Cherry! 

What is it: Auntie Make Flowers (AMF) is a floral studio managed by the mother-daughter duo, Lily and Cara Loh. The pair established the studio in 2023, coincidentally on Valentine’s Day. While there were several reasons for opening the studio, Cara shares that the primary motivation was to make AMF their retirement plan.

Best for: It prides itself on “crazy and obiang” (somewhat kitschy) and unconventional colour palettes in flower arrangements that consistently bring surprises.

Special Valentine’s Day designs: This year, AMF is introducing three vase-only floral arrangements featuring a blend of fresh and preserved flowers. Omi V represents relationships filled with intense love that can sometimes take a wild and crazy turn. The arrangement conveys this with dark red tones, incorporating three or more floral ingredients in the same red colour but in different shades. Tropical V  draws inspiration from the duo’s reflections on what love is like on Love Island. Meanwhile, Mono is a quirky arrangement using non-frilly floral ingredients but in different shades of the same colour.

Price: Ranging from $160 to $250. All rates include complimentary delivery and message notes to recipients

Final call for V-Day orders: Place your orders by February 9, with deliveries commencing from February 12 onwards until the end of the month

Contact: Visit www.auntiemakeflower.com to place your order. For further enquiries, reach out via its Instagram @auntiemakeflower or WhatsApp 8927-6842



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